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Origin of the Editorial Council of the Journal of Prosthetic Dentistry, Incorporated

The Publication Committee of the American Denture Society (American Prosthodontic Society) reported at their February 1950 annual meeting in Chicago, Illinois the suggestion that all of the papers read at the annual meeting be sought from each essayist and published in a magazine or journal developed by the Society.

However before proceeding, the committee was interested in knowing what the policies will be concerning the publishing of the journal. Would the circulation of this initial publication and any subsequent issues to be limited to the membership of the society? Will extra copies be printed and furnished to the libraries of dental schools and various dental organizations? Is it desirable now or later to pattern the journal after the “Oral Surgery, Oral Medicine, and Oral Pathology” journal which is published by the C. V. Mosby Company monthly at a subscription rate of $10.00 per annum with a limited amount of advertising sold to help defray expenses of the publication and is available to any dentist?

The committee recommended that the new journal be a semi-annual publication and that two definite months be selected when the journal will be published in order to reduce the cost of mailing, since it then would meet the requirements of second-class mail. The months suggested would be June and December. This would allow time to edit and publish it after the February meeting in Chicago and Fall ADA meetings each year.

Shortly after the Chicago meeting on February 21, 1950, Dr. Louis S. Block wrote to Dr. Wilfred H. Terrell, President of the Pacific Coast Society of Prosthodontists. In his letter Dr. Block stated, “As you may or may not know Dr. Bollwerk’s report (Publication Committee American Denture Society) was made at the Chicago meeting and we (the Denture Society Council) had just about decided to proceed with the publication of our own journal.

When this became known, Dr. Thomas E. J. Shanahan, Chair of the Publication Committee of the Academy of Denture Prosthetics (Academy of Prosthodontics), came to me in great distress saying, Please don’t do anything hasty. The Academy (Academy of Denture Prosthetics) has been talking about a journal for 10 years, never did anymore than talk, and now I am on a committee to re-open the subject. Please discuss it with us in the Academy first, because it would be disastrous if the Denture Society proceeded with a publication on its own and left us still wanting to put one out or having to do so on our own.”

Dr. Shanahan in his comments to Dr. Block was referring to a memorandum dated February 11th reporting a meeting of the Publication Committee of the Academy of Denture Prosthetics with officers of the C.V. Mosby Company in Chicago on February 6, 1950. The memo states, “The purpose of this meeting was to explain to the members of the Mosby Company the need for a magazine devoted exclusively to the subject of denture prosthesis, wherein the papers of the various denture groups would find expression.”

It was agreed at this meeting that the American Denture Society, the Academy of Denture Prosthetics and the Pacific Coast Society of Prosthodontists would unite in support of such a Journal.

The reply from Dr. Block to Dr. Shanahan indicated that the American Denture Society would be most interested in joining the Academy of Denture Prosthetics and the Pacific Coast Society of Prosthodontists in the production of a journal; however, it must be clear that there would be a prosthetic publication this year, and that the American Denture Society was prepared financially and with full authority from their Society Board to do it on our own.

These early reports and committee efforts culminated in a meeting of representatives of the three organizations in the Schroeder Hotel in Milwaukee on Saturday, April 29, 1950. At this meeting the concept of a Journal of Prosthetic Dentistry was initiated and a nine-member Editorial Council was developed. Dr. Louis S. Block from the American Denture Society was selected Chair of the Editorial Council and charged with the responsibility of negotiating with Mr. Joel A. Rogers, Vice-President of the C.V. Mosby Company the first business agreement to publish the Journal.

The final contract to publish the Journal was presented to the Officers of the founding organizations and the Editorial Council members for approval on October 20, 1950. A Western Union Telegram recorded this historic event. Dr. Louis S. Block wired Mr. Joel A. Rogers that, “Presidents and Secretaries of American Denture Society, Academy of Denture Prosthetics and Pacific Coast Society of Prosthodontists as well as the new Editor and the Chairman of the Editorial Council have signed the contract. This should suffice to authorize you to proceed with plans for publication.”

On October 27, 1950 at the Seaside Hotel in Atlantic City, New Jersey Dr. Block called the meeting of the Editorial Council to order. “Dr. W. Les Warburton made a motion that was seconded by Dr. Thomas E. J. Shanahan that the Editorial Council officially approve the publication of the Journal of Prosthetic Dentistry. It was unanimously approved.” The first issue of The Journal of Prosthetic Dentistry was published in March 1951.


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